Mr. Reza Farzad
Manager – Lauderdale Yacht Club

In 1990 I heard the dreaded words from my dentist that none of us want to hear “I can’t save the tooth”. I decided to seek a second opinion and after asking a prominent doctor if he knew of a good periodontist, he referred me to his wife’s periodontist, Dr. Edward Gonsky. Dr. Gonsky assessed the situation and decided that with surgery, regular cleanings and daily maintenance, he would be able to save my tooth. It is his goal to help his patients keep their natural teeth for their entire lifetime by rendering the necessary treatment with the highest degree of technical excellence in the kindest and most professional manner possible. Not only do I still have that tooth today, but through preventive dentistry, which includes regular cleanings (four times a year) by Dr. Gonsky’s hygienists and my commitment to practice good oral hygiene by proper brushing after each meal and flossing every night, I still have all of my own teeth. Dr. Gonsky and his professional team continually make a commitment to optimum level of care through examination and monitoring their patients. They also stress the importance of the patient’s role and responsibility in their own well being.