We Provide More Than “Services”

Our Mission

We seek to help each patient keep his or her teeth by providing modern treatment solutions backed by old-fashioned values.


Quality Over Quantity

From smiling to chewing, we count on our teeth to exhibit superior form and function. Dental care at its highest level is a combination of art and science. Based on Dr. Gonsky’s passion for patient care, integrity for quality, and years of honed skills and experience, he is committed to providing his patients only the highest level of dental and periodontal care.


Our Approach

At Dr. Gonsky’s office, we believe in tailoring each patient’s treatment plan based on his or her unique dental and periodontal needs. The first step in accomplishing this is by establishing a trusting doctor/patient relationship. To do this, Dr. Gonsky takes the time to get to know our patients, their dental history, and address any concerns they may have.  By understanding our patients, he is able to determine the right treatment, provided in the correct amount, to deliver the best results. Dr. Gonsky does NOT believe in prescribing certain treatments that are invasive, expensive, painful, and–often times–ineffective!

First-Time Patients

On your first visit to our office, Dr. Gonsky will begin with the following:

Step 1) Obtain and review dental and medical history
Step 2) Conduct comprehensive clinical and oral examination
Step 3) Determine best course of treatment
Step 4) Doctor/patient consultation to discuss the extent and sequence of treatment plan


Our Care

We think of our services as being the unique application of a medical professional’s care, skill, and judgment. The services we provide cannot be defined with insurance codes and fee schedules, just as our patients cannot be defined by a medical chart or database.

Some examples of the treatments we frequently provide at Dr. Gonsky’s office include:

  • Deep cleaning, stain removal, and polishing
  • Professional advice on improving oral hygiene, diet, and tobacco cessation
  • Corrective procedures to stop the advance of periodontitis (inflammatory gum disease)
  • Restoration of teeth and/or roots that are sensitive, discolored, or decaying
  • Tooth extraction, if it is beyond restorative care
  • Occlusal adjustment (scientific reshaping of teeth to improve function and support structure)
  • Referrals to specialists for complex, restorative dental work, implants, partial dentures, etc.

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