The Professionals…

Each one of our health professionals is committed to our primary mission – developing a mutually trusting and respectful treatment partnership with each patient.


    Dr. Libby Gonsky


    Dr. Libby Gonsky has been Managing Partner since the practice began in 1975. She manages all business matters, staffing, insurance, and government compliance issues. Dr. Libby Gonsky began her professional dental career in 1996. As a registered nurse who later became a dentist, Dr. Libby has established a unique health maintenance practice, using her special expertise in helping medically compromised patients to maintain good dental and periodontal health.

        Darlene Allen

        Registered Dental Hygienist

        Darlene Allen is our Registered Dental Hygienist. While relatively new to our practice, we have worked with Darlene for the past 26 years. She has a total of 39 years of experience in dental hygiene. She has created her hygiene practice based on trusting, respectful treatment partnerships with a growing following of patients.

            Kim Denahan

            Dental Assistant

            Kim Denahan is our Dental Assistant. She began employment in our practice in 1984. Kim is experienced and capable in every facet of our practice, from front desk responsibilities, to inventory control, and sterilization protocols. Primarily, Kim provides expert chair side assistance, where patients can most appreciate her competence and warm, friendly demeanor.