If you are searching for a way to keep your teeth, to improve your dental health, or if you just want a better dental experience, we invite you to consider becoming one of our patients.

We began our practice using ideas taught long ago at University of Michigan, Department of Periodontics.  Through years of research, study,  and experience, we developed practical methods for patient care, methods that are sensible, honest, and scientific.

Our goal is to help patients maintain all of their teeth in health and comfort throughout their lifetimes.

We use simple procedures and seek maximum benefit.

Our treatment methods:

  • minimize removal of patients’ tissues.
  • minimize artificial or prosthetic dental appliances.
  • minimize patients’ discomfort.
  • minimize expenditure of time (and money).

We do not use unscientific, expensive, often painful treatments such as:

  • invasive gum and bone surgery (including implants);
  • antibiotics;
  • bone grafts;
  • curettage (conventional scraping or laser).

All of these are ineffective for good dental health and for keeping your teeth.

For more than 40 years, we’ve worked toward perfecting methods of preventive care.  Hundreds of patients have benefited by keeping their teeth.  You could be one of them.  We are always happy to accept new patients into our practice.

Contact us today for your appointment.  We look forward to meeting you!

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