Irvin Besman, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.C.C.P.
Diplomate American Board of Internal Medicine
Diplomate of Geriatric Medicine

It was most fortunate for my family to be referred to the office of Dr. Edward Gonsky by our dentist Dr. Peter Fallon. My wife, Anita, was advised to have all lower teeth extracted, gum surgery, and implants. Dr. Gonsky, instead, recommended thorough periodontal therapy, thus avoiding needless pain, suffering, and great expense. My daughter, Susan, was advised by a chairman of the Department at a major Dental School to have all of her teeth extracted because of a congenital failure of eruption of some teeth. Dr. Gonsky used his skills to restore periodontal health to her. She continues to maintain all her teeth, is married with two children, and obtained her PhD in Family Therapy. Dr. Edward Gonsky has continued to offer excellent advice and excellent periodontal therapy to all patients I have referred to him. He is most dedicated to performing not only excellence in dentistry, but being most trustworthy as well. His staff is most professional and that includes his talented wife, Libby Gonsky R.N., D.D.S. I have the highest regard for him as a Periodontist and a person.